As Oscar Wilde said; “Be Yourself….”   Yes. The more you can be yourself at work, the better.  Yes, really, warts and all.


Do you have a strong ‘personal brand’ ? If you do, people remember you and you’ll do better business!   It does require you to use your quirks and oddities though. Do you use yours?

Confession. I’M ODD! 

I’ve been called; fruit cake, a box of frogs, bonkers, eccentric, quirky, weird, lunatic and slightly mad….in good way.

OK, one of my oddities is the fact I can remember your clothes! Yes, whatever you wore last time we met (whatever year), I can probably remember the patterned shirt, the blue tie, the black & white dress or the statement bling-necklace (that’s easy).  When my mum talks about being a teacher in the 1970s, I can remember the outfits. “Oh yes, you wore the purple blouse with small white buttons and dangly earrings on my 5th birthday” – weird.

The other day my whole family stayed over at a friend’s house in Henley near Oxford and we got talking about this odd phenomenon.

“So what were we wearing yesterday?”  They were testing me.

“Well you’d been running and she was wearing a turquoise top which matched Tom’s stripes down his black shorts”-  that’s just OOOODDDDD!

I’ve realised my ‘odd’ illustrates the way my brain works – yes it’s strange but I have a super photographic memory for selective things. I also love to observe people.  Hey that’s what I’ve been doing for years in my career in broadcasting and business – observing people and painting a picture of them in my mind.  It’s a useful tool to remember small details about people – this has helped me build relationships quickly – a fantastic business skill and a huge asset.

Ha ha I’m not alone – I bet you have your weird quirks too. I know you have.

The other day I was with clients in London and we started to share our odd stuff while we sat round the table in my session, you know, the weird things you don’t think are important, but they are just part of you.  We couldn’t stop laughing.  One amazing woman, the leader in her team of highly experienced insurance professionals, was forced to come out (as it were) about her tendency to “collect butters”. Yes,  Xina collects little portions of butter, and other stuff “like a squirrel” she explained, “just in case people need it at lunchtime.”

“She’s odd, quite eccentric”, they went on, “she’ll try anything”.

This petite yet feisty leader has been tea dancing in a room filled with 100 Chinese Grandparents.  She’s tried flower arranging and sky diving.  She likes to keep life interesting. What a woman, don’t you love her already?

That’s a pretty good character trait.  Her stories show she is curious and open to new ideas.  You’d want to have her on your client golf trip!  Her odd is her asset.

 Another colleague, a quiet and impressive exec admitted to being able to catch one- pound coins after balancing them on his elbow!

“No one else can do it, I’m the king of the coin trick”

Brilliant, he’s a man of hidden talents – he could tie this into a presentation at work to impress clients! Why not?

What’s your quirk?

Do you have a strange habit, a skill, a musical talent that you can turn into an asset? I bet you have.

And I’d love to hear from you because I know I could help you (and your team) turn your oddities into assets.  Please email me  I will help you build your personal brand to help you to be more memorable AND ODD in business.

Esther Stanhope – The Impact Guru.  International speaker, impact guru & former live BBC producer, dedicated to helping you become the confident & charismatic leader you want to be.