If I were to ask you “What is your most important business relationship?”, I imagine your answer would be “With my Boss”.   Yes – the person for whom you provide your Executive PA or secretarial support is undoubtedly your primary workplace connection.  So it stands to reason that you should do all you can to fully understand, interpret and anticipate their wants and needs.  I am sure you already do.  But could you do more?

The Initial Certificate in APA (Applied Psychometric Awareness) gives PAs and Executive Assistants tools and techniques to take their business relationships to a further level.  When you understand your Boss at a PSYCHOMETRIC level – a few things happen:

  • Communication BOTH ways gets easier
  • There are fewer misunderstandings
  • You can anticipate or even predict their reactions
  • YOUR responses to them are better received
  • Things just seem EASIER!

…and probably any number of other benefits which I don’t know yet – because you will apply APA to YOUR specific context.  Perhaps you’ll tell me about them some day?

So why not get a qualification in how people tick?  Join colleagues from all over the world and across 170 different industries and get on board with the APA programme. AND IT’S FREE

The material is delivered by way of 5 on-line video lectures* (delivered by me, Andy Edwards) with an intro and a recap at the end.  Each lecture lasts 12 minutes or so followed by a series of exercises.  The whole study period is about 2 hours – and can count towards your self-directed CPD.  Intrigued? Then click on one of the links below:

This link will take you to a card game to help establish your own personality typeAs long as you download your 2 page profile you will gain access to the APA Introductory video and free course.

This link will take you direct to the access page for the introductory video to the APA Coursewithout having to go through the card game.

Andy Edwards will be speaking at The Ask Abbie Show on Friday 19th May.  His presentation on: Who Do You Think You Are?Psychology Secrets of Understanding Others in Seminar Room 2 at 2 o’clock.  Andy was voted “Most Inspiring Speaker” at The Ask Abbie Show 2016.