It’s the question on everyone’s lips: What is
The Future of Work?

Friday 11th September
09:00 ~ 17:00

Post-pandemic, we’re faced with a whole new set of workforce challenges. The tensions between getting “back to work” and embracing a completely new reality include:

Ensuring safe workspaces for those coming into the office;
Massively increased WFH;
The introduction of new tech which will seamlessly unite the two;
New priorities, new forms of leadership and new forms of support for the workforce

In all of this, the role of the EA and PA  will be crucial.
You already have a unique view on both the leadership and support arenas, coordinating and communicating between them, and your natural strengths of problem-solving, flexibility, efficiency and team-work will be invaluable.
Join this carefully curated day to prepare for the future, and take the lead in your organisation. In one powerful day of learning, our expert speakers will address all these issues, while a panel of senior EAs provide ongoing commentary.
Learn new skills and make new connections!


Welcome and Introduction
with Charmian and Michael Hislop, Founders and Directors of The PA Club

The PA’s Point of View
Lynda Des Amicis, Director for Global Operations and is the Exec Lead Admin for Biz EMEA, leads a discussion on how lockdown and WFH has affected the PA/EA role.  Does WFH make you invisible and how can you guarantee career growth when most of what you do goes unseen?

Your Essential Tech Toolkit
According to Michelle Bowditch, self-proclaimed tech lover and a member of most execs expect their assistant to be more digitally savvy than they are.  She looks at the different types of tech available to assistants these days and analyses what they are best for.

Diversity & Inclusion: essential ingredients for a successful business
“At the start of the lockdown”, says diversity champion Stephen Frost, CEO of Frost Included, “D&I largely fell off the agenda among employers.”  But it’s back, and increasingly considered to play a key role in enabling business resilience in these unprecedented times. Stephen explains why companies must do more than pay lip service to this crucial issue and how you as a senior PA/EA, from your unique position, can encourage inclusive leadership at all levels.

The Changing Role of the Office
Post-COVID nothing in the office will be the same, from the physical workspace to the amount of time we spend there. Dr Greg Lavery, MD of Rype Office explores how we will manage these changes.

13:00 – 14:00
Lunch break and your opportunity to visit exhibitors

What Digital Transformation means for the PA/EA role
What does Digital Transformation looks like and how can assistants position themselves to ensure that they become masters of technology rather than taken over by it? Look at how the world has changed and how the role of the assistant has been elevated to harness technology. Whether for automation and day-to-day efficiency or for business intelligence, data and analytics, technology is becoming an integral part of the professional.  Georgina Bale, CEO of Bower Talent explains how to grow, develop and compete for the future.

Break out 1:  Managing a Board Meeting on Zoom
Laura Cook, EA to the Executive Board of Pearson plc, talks about the first time she had to do this, managing multiple break out rooms as well as the main meeting, what she had to learn and how quickly – and passes her top tips on to you.

Break out 2:  Explaining SLACK
Yvette Pearson of the Admin Wrap explains how Slack helps you and your team know where to go to ask questions, share updates and stay in the loop.

Break out 3:  Effective Task Management in the ‘New Normal’
Whether working from the office, at home, or a mixture of the two, during this session you’ll learn how to manage both people and tasks in a post Covid world and how cloud-based systems and methodology can be used to improve personal and business task efficiency.  Louise Linsey of Get Busy tells you how to ensure that actions are dealt with – and on time!

Break out 4:  CV Clinic with Bower Talent
An opportunity for feedback on your CV.

Deacon Ripley, JTB:  Truly Virtual Conferences


~ all-day ongoing CV clinic. Book your 10-minute interview online ~
~ exhibition of suppliers including Corporate Traveller, BMA House, Berkley London chauffeurs, The Grand Hotel York, Liberty International DMC and more ~

The Future of Work is a fully virtual event. The recording will be available afterwards in case you miss it on the day, or to review and remind yourself of all the valuable content.

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