My name is Melissa Land. I have worked as a PA for many years and am used to working in challenging environments where demands are high and days are long. After a stressful work day, returning home to my husband (a senior executive with a very busy career), the challenge for me was trying to improve my work-life balance.  Often feeling weary and tired with low energy, I must admit that it was a struggle to motivate myself, get into any kind of routine, other than my daily walk home from the office. Meals were rushed, and as a consequence my sleep patterns were affected and morning starts were an uphill climb. I found myself becoming unmotivated and tiredness began to affect what I loved most – my job. And this was beginning to affect my overall confidence….

The Light bulb moment:

Then, a few years ago I went to live in Southern California for a year with my partner, (now husband). What an eye opener for me! The lifestyle there was very different to London: Health and Fitness is a big deal in California and I was fortunate to be exposed to this.  Everyone seemed to have the time and the energy to enjoy life after work. People made time for themselves by joining gyms close to their office, going for a run during their lunch hour and implementing self-discipline.  It was then that I made up my mind to explore how I could change my lifestyle, fitness and nutrition habits.  I guess California opened my eyes to a new way of thinking: they have all the same challenges we have here back in the UK but Californians don’t naturally have more time and energy – they create it!  The climate too is a big plus.

A key factor was meeting a lady who was a personal trainer – this was my lightbulb moment!   She listened to me and began to understand my inner feelings and lack of confidence regarding how I looked and felt. She first helped me with some basic nutrition and supplement recommendations/adjustments.  She also inspired me to join a local gym.  The equipment wasn’t fancy, but the atmosphere was great and non-intimidating, everyone was friendly and helpful and I was off to a good start!

I was prescribed a simple workout plan, and later hot yoga and walking was added along with cardio.  After a month of working out I started to really feel better about myself and noticed improvements in my weight, body fat, energy levels – and my confidence.  On returning to London from California I was determined to continue being focussed on this path of fitness and nutrition. Now I live and work to maintain a good, healthy lifestyle and believe in myself.  I have stayed disciplined and maintained the plan I received.

Here in London I met with another trainer who I have been very inspired by.  He gave me even more exercise, nutrition, guidance and motivation and put me on a 12-week plan which consisted of weight training Pilates, hot yoga and cardio. It also included a meal plan of lean protein, fish, vegetables, salad, brown rice, some good fats and limited carbohydrates.  I have always enjoyed cooking and always thought that I was cooking the right way and eating the right things.  Since being on the plan I have incorporated elements of the meals into my everyday eating habits. I cook everything myself!  Following the 12 weeks, not only did I build on the California experience, but I felt like a new person!

This year I made a conscious effort to gain a Certified Personal Training Qualification so I could pass my experience on to others and help them achieve their goals.  I was able to obtain this whilst working full time, going to the gym, continuing to exercise and having the balance at home with family and friends.  I have maintained my high energy levels whilst completing my qualification.  It was and is very exciting for me to be able to have this opportunity and it has changed my life in a great way.

I can happily say that my energy/concentration levels, motivation and overall wellness have improved.  This has all transitioned positively into my demanding, high-intensity work environment where concentration, high energy and dedication is key! I’m a different person and feel I can tackle anything with confidence.  Even my family and friends tell me they see a different person.  My husband has been very supportive through my transformation.  I now want to share my experience with you – someone changed my perspective a few years ago and I recognise we all need support even in the smallest way. You don’t have to have a wonder body or be a slave to the gym.  We all just need to be prepared to make small realistic changes. You’ll never look back once you start seeing results, I can assure you! What I can offer can be done at your pace in your time without the need to burden you further.

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