Smart Works is a UK charity that provides high quality interview clothes and interview training to unemployed women in need. We harness the power of clothes and confidence to allow a woman to be her best at a crucial moment in her life, giving her the confidence, the self-belief and the practical tools required to succeed at interview and transform her life.

Caroline’s Story
When Caroline came to Smart Works she had been unemployed for over five years after being a full time carer for her son, who has autism. As a single mum, she was keen to get back into work to support her family.  Caroline suffered from depression and anxiety and was lacking the confidence she needed to get back into the workplace.
“I was referred to Smart Works by the Job Centre. I hadn’t had an interview in so long and I suffer really badly from anxiety and depression. It’s something I’ve battled with for years so I was really in need of a boost. I wore a really beautiful fitted jacket, some lovely trousers a nice shirt and I felt a million dollars. The clothes filled with me with confidence. The coaching really did help majorly. I think I went in word for word from the roleplay we did – it was amazing. I felt like a new me and was confident to enter my interview. I have to pinch myself sometimes. I open my wardrobe and I think “Wow!”  The biggest impact of Smart Works was getting the job. It was a stepping stone for me to build up my confidence.

Dionne’s Story
When Dionne came to Smart Works, she had been unemployed for six months. As a single mum, Dionne was keen to get back into work to support herself and her
family. After applying to 50 jobs, Dionne was lacking the confidence and self-belief she needed to succeed.
“Before I came to Smart Works I had been looking for work and applying to jobs.I got an interview with Network Homes, a housing association. From the minute I got in there, I felt really comfortable. I tried on clothes I wouldn’t normally wear for an interview. It pushed me out of my comfort zone.
The moment that really helped me land the job was the session with the HR consultant. I was always getting the interviews but not getting the job at the end. I think I had lost a lot of confidence because I’d been looking for a job for a long time.When I got the job and spoke to my Manager about why she chose me over the others, she said that it was because I had that confidence that made her believe in what I was saying.I was so happy I got the job that I bought the Smart Works team some chocolates and a card to say thank you. I am so grateful.”


The PA Club is delighted to be partnering with Smart Works for The PA Club Conference 2020 on Friday 25th September.  Delegates to the Conference are invited to bring with then an item of smart clothing, suitable for an interview.