The PA Club is delighted to welcome Sano

We are delighted to become a new elite partner to The PA Club and share what we do in food, nutrition and wellness to benefit you in your day-to-day role. Sano aims to become the leader in healthy food and wellness services to corporate and retail customers. Sano was ​co- founded in 2016 by Doug (CEO) and Heather Richards (MD Nutrition & Food Development) with Dale Pinnock (aka The Medicinal Chef and Award-Winning Author).

​Our brand vision is to not only provide delicious healthy food but to enable, empower and educate people to make healthier food and wellness choices in their everyday lives.  Progressive corporates have a huge demand for proactive education & lifestyle engagement which is core to our business.

Why is Sano Different?

Finding healthy food that isn’t faddy is very hard & there is a lack of trust towards brands claiming to be ‘healthy’. Our menus are prepared by Nutritionists and our food is made fresh from scratch with ingredients that are truly healthy. Once customers taste our food they understand that healthy food can be delicious and not leave them hungry & unsatisfied. We also educate about why our food is truly healthy; in store, POS, pop ups, events, cooking demonstrations, workshops, online content and through our online diploma in nutrition (through Sano School of Culinary Medicine)

Sano To Go – Our Food Offering

Sano To Go provides freshly made, great tasting, nutritionally balanced food for when you’re in the office, at home or on the go. ​From our central location and Cafe in Holborn, we Sano aim to bring colorful invigorating and delicious food to the busy working life.  and our food is available for delivery to companies 7am to 9pm in Central London.

Key highlights of what we offer:

  • Our prices are comparable to high street operators such as Prett and Eat
  • You can do mix & match ordering from menus featuring hot and cold individual meals and group platters for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Individual breakfast or lunch boxes ordered individually ​or delivered together as part of a group order​
  • Pop ups & events at company premises
  • Sano To Go event space (up to 70 people) for breakfast, lunch or dinner with digital and audio facilities
  • ​If customers love our food and service (it comes with 100% love it or money back guarantee) we then recommend a Sano Corporate Account which offers significant discounts on repeat orders as well as hassle free invoicing and expense management. ​

Sano School of Culinary Medicine – Our Education Offering

Offers a comprehensive education in evidence based nutritional science, including an online Diploma in Applied Nutrition designed by Dale Pinnock (a.k.a The Medicinal Chef and award-winning author). The Diploma programme empowers students with the knowledge and tools to make healthier food choices and develop recipes and meal plans to support their overall health. The course attracts those who want to learn the truth about food and nutrition from nutritional experts and learn how to apply this knowledge in the kitchen for their own health and also to and share with their clients, patients and customers. The applied nature of the Diploma helps students develop their careers and attract and retain clients and customers.

Current students include anyone interested in nutrition for their own or friends and family’s health, GPs, Healthcare Practitioners, Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Nutritional Therapists, Holistic Practitioners, Bloggers & Influencers, Wellness Writers and Chefs. ​

To find out more contact: Doug Richards CEO  or 07711 046 389