An Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs in temperate regions of the world during September to November. Although most people associate the summer months with the best time to go on holiday in Europe, September to November offers many benefits and is often a period overlooked by many.

There are three main reasons why an Indian summer in Europe 2020 can make a yacht charter a highly rewarding experience compared to the high summer months of July and August:

No.1 It’s still warm! The weather is often the crucial element for a successful holiday and the majority of people pine for the consistent hot sunny weather that the Mediterranean provides. Between September and November it’s not quite as hot as the searing August sun, but it’s still averaging 20-25 degrees Celsius in most areas surrounding the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the sea temperature is often at its warmest, having been warmed throughout the whole summer period.

No.2 It’s less crowded. If you are seeking a quiet getaway, able to meander through city streets without the chaotic flurry of the summer high season, then going a bit later in the year can be ideal. The return to school in September prevents many families from getting away resulting in the main summer destinations becoming free from hordes of tourists. A less populated trip also has the appeal of minimising risk from Covid-19 while still being able to enjoy a memorable charter experience.

No.3 It’s better value. When chartering a yacht, September is the start of the summer low season where yachts are often offered at a reduced charter rate. Many destinations also have lower prices due to it being out of the summer high season therefore if you are free to go, it can be highly affordable time to charter.

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