A former Executive PA and her pilot husband have launched a new charter hire service – G6 AVIATION – in time for travel this summer

When Executive PA, Kirsty Golder was made redundant during lockdown, she decided to combine her business expertise with her husband’s passion for flying.  Adam, who was furloughed from his commercial role at the start of the pandemic, already had a pilot’s license and so together they launched G6 AVIATION, a luxury air charter business, just as air travel opened up this summer.   

Kirsty remembers what it was like to start a new business in lockdown: “It was a shock to be made redundant, but I knew that both Adam and I had skills that could be used to our advantage. We quickly realised that his knowledge of the aviation industry and my business expertise provided us with the ability to pivot into a new market.”

“It seemed perfect timing”, adds Adam. “It was an idea I’d been toying with for a long time and lockdown offered us that opportunity. Demand for travelling in a private aircraft is bound to increase over the next 12 months as people seek a luxurious, stress-free, escape from lockdown, without queuing for hours to re-enter the UK. There is no better time to plan a private charter trip.”

“It’s been an amazing journey”, says Kirtsy. “Working with your husband is a learning experience, but we have already had our first bookings and it’s worth it to see satisfied clients boarding their private jet with G6 AVIATION.”

G6 AVIATION promises a personalised end-to-end experience, concentrating on the personal requirements of clients.
“So whether you need a car to pick you up at your destination, or you want your pets to travel with you, we can arrange it”, says Adam.

Pets on board

“I know, from my own experience as a PA”, adds Kirsty, “that if the boss doesn’t have a completely hassle-free journey, it’s the PA who gets the rap. So it’s very important to us to make sure that all goes absolutely smoothly.”

G6 AVIATION takes pride in upholding the highest standards. Utilising their network of experts, they provide a service that can outperform the most established charter brokers, at a competitive price. Their 24/7 service provides the ultimate client support for a charter journey, dedicating time getting to know clients in order to provide a tailored service. Personal appointments are available to discuss clients’ journey requirements, at a time and place to suit. This can be at home, at the office, by video, or on the phone.


G6 AVIATION can be reached on www.g6aviation.com or +44 (0) 121 291 5463.    Always mention The PA Club to claim your rewards.


Kirsty and Adam flying                                                                            Door-to-door service                                                                                   Champagne flight