K9 JETS Takes Pet Travel to New Heights
First-of-its-Kind Luxury Pet Charter for the Four- Legged Members of Your Family

Travelling across the Atlantic can be a stressful experience, especially when you have four-legged family members to consider and many pet owners are reluctant to put their cats and dogs in the cargo hold.  That’s where K9 JETS comes in.

The world’s first pay-per-seat private pet charter service
Our private pet charter service offers pet owners a stress-free unique travel experience that puts their canine friends first. We provide a monthly service between Farnborough and Teterboro New Jersey. With K9 JETS, pets are treated as valued members of the family, with no cages, no queues and the comfort and safety of flying in the cabin alongside their owners. The seat price, including one large dog is $8,925.

VIP (Very Important Pets)
For around the same price as a first-class ticket, pet owners can expect personalized attention and a VIP service. The K9 JETS team is trained to advise and handle all aspects of pet travel, including veterinary certificates and in-flight comfort and safety.

Carbon Offsetting
Working with Earth Hub, K9 JETS have pledged to offset the carbon produced on every flight. In addition, K9 JETS make a generous donation to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the world after every flight.

Ready to book your next travel adventure or register an interest with your four-legged friend? Visit  www.K9JETS.com and experience the future of pet travel.