Give a gift that makes a difference
Ocean Bottle – the award-winning reusable bottle that is helping to save our oceans

If you’re looking for gifts for staff and/or clients, how about giving them something that is both stylish and meaningful and which will make a difference to the planet.  Ocean Bottleis more than just another reusable bottle as each recipient gets a direct tangible involvement in saving the ocean.  Co-brand the bottles with your company logo and make a strong statement of commitment to the environment.

With the sale of every bottle, Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic – equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles – and stops them from entering the ocean, while giving work to people in coastal communities in Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil and Haiti. With the help of partners Plastic Bank, the
plastic collectors exchange the plastic waste for money or credit via blockchain technology to spend on tuition, tech, goods, health care or access to microfinance.

Without ocean health there is no planet health.  The ocean covers 70% of our planet and every second breath derives from there.  Plastic pollution is causing huge damage to the marine ecosystem, food chain and consequently our own health.  22 million kgs of plastic flow into the ocean every day – that’s one truckload every minute.  We consume one credit card’s worth of microplastic every week.

The sale of Ocean Bottles funds the collection of plastic bottles in coastal communities where plastic pollution is worst and represents an opportunity to stop ocean plastic at the source and enable social mobility for thousands.


Both stylish and meaningful
Ocean Bottle is one of the slickest reusable bottles on the market and has picked up a Green Product and a Red Dot Design Award.  It is made from stainless steel and recycled ocean-bound plastic.  It’s lightweight, leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, keeps drinks hot or cold and comes in a range of colours including a gorgeous sunset orange, smart navy, sky blue and olive.

“If Apple designed a drinks container for life, this would be it” – The Times

For organisations wanting to demonstrate their commitment to the environment, Ocean Bottles can be co-branded with the company logo and in some cases the company colour.  Turnaround for large orders is approx. 45 days.
Just think: if you ordered 1000 bottles, you’d be funding the collection of 1,000,000 bottles from our shores!


For more information on branding, pricing and turnaround, please contact Charmian