Celebrate Vienna, in all its rich variety.

Celebrate the Arts
Discover the buzzing heart of Vienna, a hive of art and culture, an intoxicating mix of the ancient and the very new. With a diverse and open populace representing over 170 nationalities, Vienna is full of variety, different neighbourhoods, world-beating cuisine, and an extraordinary rich artistic heritage. Close to 30 museums, representing art from the age of antiquity to the present day, are packed into the city centre and t
hree quarters of its visitors come because of its world-beating cultural life.  Together with you we want to celebrate the many faces of Vienna.

Celebrate the City
Vienna is built on variety: here, imperial landmarks rub shoulders with prime examples of contemporary architecture. In the historic city center it’s easy to get from A to B on foot. The days of public squares being used as car parks are ancient history – today they provide havens of relaxation where pedestrians can watch the world go by. Almost half the city is accounted for by green spaces and waterways, with just under 1,000 parks and gardens defining its look and feel. Vienna offers the experiences of a safe world capital, without the associated stress factors. Become Viennese and experience Vienna like a local: https://www.wien.info/en/lifestyle-scene/sports   

Celebrate the Extraordinary
It’s not just down to fantastic food and excellent wine: no other European capital has a city with its own cuisine named after it (Viennese Cuisine), a winegrowing industry that comes anywhere close – or can serve up anything like Vienna’s inimitable coffeehouse culture. Thanks to the city’s unrivalled reputation for cakes and pastries, all of its cafés offer up a rich slice of Viennese indulgence – with a sugar rush thrown in for good measure.  What might come as something of a surprise: lots of the ingredients that go into the dishes served at the city’s restaurants are actually grown right here. Using cutting-edge methods, without any of the long transport chains. It doesn’t get much more sustainable than that.  Explore Vienna with your Taste Buds: https://www.wien.info/en/shopping-wining-dining

Your Personal Tour Guide
ivie, the digital city guide for Vienna, is your perfect companion through the city. The app (for iOS and Android) casts familiar sights in a new light, provides secret tips, and has a whole bunch of curious stories and quirky anecdotes in store. Themed city walks and handy information for everyday urban life are also part of the digital city guide and travel guide. Meet ivie: https://www.wien.info/en/travel-info/mobile/ivie-app-349196#

Become a Vienna Expert!
Going to Vienna soon or want to be up to date with new hotel or restaurant openings? Or anything else that is happening in Vienna? Sign up for the Vienna Experts Club International. It’s free and it offers great perks when you come to the city: https://experts.wien.info/int/en#

The Tourist Board of Vienna looks forward to welcoming you. Please don’t hesitate to contact Marie.Polt@vienna.info with any questions you might have.