The business of recruitment in general practice can be a challenging one; can a fresh approach which relies specifically on diversity and inclusion bring about meaningful change? Consultancy expert Stephen Frost outlines why [practice] managers can use diverse hiring to their advantage.

Now, more than ever, organisations need diversity. When faced with increasing socio-economic pressures you need to enlarge the toolbox at your practice’s disposal to help make smart decisions and solve the challenges it faces. So, when it comes to recruitment, instead of hiring more brilliant (but similar) people, you need to actively look for difference.

When it comes to recruitment every employee has a responsibility for diverse hiring. I’ve put together five actions you can take from the ‘demand’ side of recruitment – i.e. the employer demand for candidates. I suggest starting with this because people have to believe in and want diversity since these expectations shape the behaviours that determine outcomes. To create a diverse workforce you have to convince people you are serious about it – because otherwise they won’t even listen, let alone apply.

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