Do you need more confidence to get out there and be more visible?  Regular PA club speaker,  Esther Stanhope – The Impact Guru – has written this fab & colourful book, full of hints and tips about public speaking, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, and boosting confidence.  “Goodbye Glossophobia – Banish Your Fear of Public Speaking”  is a book of hope.

Esther told us ‘If I can do it anyone can”.  As a former BBC Producer she was always behind the camera helping big stars to be brilliant on screen.  She’s even interviewed Madonna and George Clooney! She wasn’t a confident public speaker herself up until recently. You wouldn’t believe it to see her now. We’ve seen her in action at many of our PA Club events and she looks like she was born to be on a stage.

The book is filled with useful tips of how to combat nerves.  Here’s a quick fix tip to fight your fear in one-minute …

Breathe– slow breathing (as if you are in labour, yes it reduces pain too) 10 beats blowing out the candle and 8 beats smelling the roses is an instant winner, it immediately reduces your heart rate.  It literally takes 45 seconds to get rid of cortisol – that’s under a minute! This is the most effective option for a quick fix!  It worked a treat for my scarf wearing client.

The scary option – Let it go! Don’t fight it.

Let your body go red, have a rash, feel the tingly rush of blood to your face. Don’t fight it and say to yourself “It’s ok, here comes the rash!”  I have tried this and it WORKS – I have let myself go red, get sweaty, go blank and guess what? It passes.  It doesn’t take long to pass either when you don’t fight it.

Esther’s brand new book is out now.  Click here for the colour edition!

PS.  It even sold out on Amazon……

Come to The PA Club Conference on 1st May 2020, to hear Esther Stanhope on “Speak Like a Leader”