Landmark Learning is a series of informal learning sessions via Zoom, on a range of topics relevant to the busy PA/EA.  Join us on weekday lunchtimes for a short, sharp insight into a range of topics, delivered by experts.

Thurs 15th at 12:30 – Dress Well to Feel Well with Nevo Burrell.  
Nevo is a London-based Image Consultant. My purpose, she says, is much more than putting you in the latest trends, it is an INSIDE OUT service.  I work with you in a holistic manner, taking into account your personality and lifestyle to bring out your beautiful and authentic self. Together, we will identify your most flattering colours, your wardrobe personality and how to style your physique.  The outcomes are that you will look fabulous, feel comfortable and feel like YOU, and not an imposter!
See testimonials to Nevo’s talent here.

Register for Dress Well to Feel Well here.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Weds 28th at 12:30 – There is Life Beyond Filing! Managing Records with Emily Overton. 
Records Management (RM) is the effective control, governance and use of information and records. Good RM assists business delivery and decision-making at all levels of an organisation, facilitating compliance, eliminating risk and freeing up staff time. This session is particularly useful to those thinking of going in to their own VA business or who are working for a start-up.  Or impress your boss by putting new and super-efficient RM practices in place.  Emily Overton, RM Girl and self-confessed nerd, talks us through the importance of efficient Records Management and gives you tips for:

  • identifying which records are important and how long to keep them for
  • keeping orderly records
  • being able to locate records quickly
  • setting up a system that allows co-workers to easily locate information in your absence

Register for Life Beyond Filing here.  You will receive your Zoom log in details the day before the event.

Tues 3rd at 12:30 – Maintaining Visibility with Debbie Ackland, Platinum Training Solutions
How do you guarantee career growth when you’re working out-of-sight at home?
This bite-size excerpt “Maintaining Visibility” has been adapted from the increasingly popular “Out of Sight” course developed by Debbie Ackland at Platinum Training SolutionsOriginally created at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic to assist PAs and Secretaries progress into the new way of working, this course is now delivered in varying formats to suit all professional services and office workers adapting to the ever-changing “Normal”.  The session will cover:

  • The importance of maintaining visibility when working remotely: why and how?
  • Adapting and enhancing your communication style in remote situations
  • Developing your virtual credibility and perceived expertise

Register for Maintaining Visibility here.  You will receive your Zoom log in details the day before the event.

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