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Hawksmoor was inspired by childhood memories of how good steak could taste, and Will Beckett and Huw Gott (friends since they were 11) opened their first Hawksmoor restaurant on Commercial Street in 2006; five London restaurants and one Manchester restaurant followed.

The British Steakhouse menus revolve around the best ingredients they can find – whether it be beef from grass-fed native breed cattle, sustainable seafood from around the British coast, seasonal fruits and vegetables or great British cheeses, combined with great wines and interesting cocktails all served by people who love what they do.

Hawksmoor has gone on to win numerous awards as a company and as restaurants, and will soon be opening a Hawksmoor in both Edinburgh and New York.

Contact Details;
Shaun Bates , Marketing Manager ,
020 7481 6358
Private dining Restaurant
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